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Owner, Design and Productivity Specialist


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Misty Lacy…Organizational Expert and Productivity Coach, is founder and CEO of Clutter CURE, a professional organizing company. Misty has been clutter-busting since childhood and, in 2008, after years of hands-on, real life training in various work settings launched her 3rd firm, all Interior Improvement or Moving and Real Estate based companies.”They all go hand-in-hand”, she says. 

Her ever-evolving, self-prescribed organizational education includes courses from Karen Kingston’s Clearing Clutter and productivity guru David Allen’s, Getting Things Done (GTD). Her client roster consists of many individuals and small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies, A-List celebrities and professional athletes, restaurant and retail storefronts.

Misty is committed to researching and utilizing the best resources, products and technologies available in her field. With an eye on the future, Operation Organization is committed to implementing an environmentally responsible approach to cleaning, packing, disposing and recycling/repurposing items as it seeks out the greenest possible alternatives for its clients and its operations.

For Misty, organizing and finding simple solutions to routine problems is her passion, and she takes joy in inspiring people to live less complicated lives through better organization (without judging them). As she frequently tells her clients, “The key to serenity, is knowing what you have and where it is, so that you can enjoy life instead of always playing catch up!”














                                                                                       How I got where I am today... last 25 years




Long Bio


Interior Inspirations, Inc.

Misty Michelle Lacy



Before she knew how, when and where she could make a difference…


Born and raised in Texas, Misty studied Interior Design and Psychology at the University of North Texas.  

Before graduating she began an unexpected career in Real Estate in 1994.

After graduating, Misty landed a Design House position with Ashton Woods/ Stone Mill Custom Homes to assist and consult with each and every home buyer on an individual basis, totaling over 300 homes. Choosing everything from the stone paved driveways and landscape artistry to the textured walls and custom drapery, Misty was truly in her element. Trendy wall-coverings or faux paints and chandeliers to sconces…the designs were each a challenge and reward at the end of the day. Misty’s tenacity caught the eye of the initial investors and president of the company, they asked her to open the center for all  new hires and train the incoming designers, at the age of 23.


Feeling overworked and drained (from training not design) Misty was enticed by a new challenge! Her Real Estate guru stepfather had been riding her for years to follow in his footsteps and that I really needed to be able to sell the houses I was designing, then I could start flipping houses. So, after 

 870 hours of training… neither she, nor her stepfather could believe she passed the exam on her first try! Misty was by no means the `scholar’ type, creative and business savvy, YES… but not a test taker!  Texas Real Estate License in hand. Immediately, Misty started her 1st company at 25 years old, flipping homes, refurbishing anything she got her hands on and leasing lofts in the up and coming revitalization of downtown Dallas. With doors opening everywhere, for just about everyone in the 90’s, it was an awesome wave to ride, and Misty was glad she took the challenge.  After a good 7 year run, the leasing side of the company became too much politics and paperwork for her creativity and she decided to go after what her heart desired, to be a mom and go back to focus on design only (not to mention, the market was crashing!) After 911, there was much to be grateful for and reality of how short life actually is… so a change was needed! Interior Inspirations was born 1st and shortly thereafter, her baby girl!


Full of ambition and juggling motherhood, Misty's life became a marketing, referral-only based Interior Design rollercoaster. Maintaining her keen eye and natural gift for finding balance, clarity and unity for any room offered to her, this was a dream come true. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Misty was truly exhilarated when she received the notoriety she’d earned by the Dallas Morning News, followed by The Dallas Observer… Misty was humbled beyond belief. Traveling and designing throughout different parts of the US, her unique approach and dedication to customer service, made her a step above the rest, and she was at last living, what seemed to be her ultimate professional goal!  


               ……………………..until she found herself living in California..........................................


Smooth Jazz Television, a nationally syndicated T. V. show hired Misty the spring of 2000 for their set designer, not only in Dallas, but soon thereafter New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii. After being in Texas for nearly 30 (something) years, Misty fell in love with the people, the energy and the nature of the coast.  Misty again `went for it’ and made the move out West, to begin `anew’… the next chapter!



Once settled into her new digs in Santa Monica Ca. 2005, Misty discovered a new fascination with

Interiors....something she had no idea she would absolutely love, not to mention, get way more out of than she gave! Misty was able to help by de-cluttering and organizing one life at a time, be it personal or business. This service was always needed in order to do any design work, but nobody did this during those years. House cleaners were the closest thing to organizers and as much as they helped, our clients basically were left to deal with their clutter and personal belongings themselves, if they wanted to begin a project of any kind, let alone sell their home. "Naturally, this would throw people into a tail spin when they couldn’t find anything before, during or after their project at hand...So Misty just started doing it herself in a natural orderly fashion and found it was causing a lot less grief to her clients not only before a remodeling (or redecorating) job, but after the fact! It was so much easier to pick up with their lives and 90% of people would keep it this way. People in all phases of life actually needed Misty’s services and more often than not, lives were changed, one by one. Retail stores, restaurants, doctors, celebrities, lawyers… the elder whom are downsizing, the list goes on and on, people had a lot of 'stuff'!


Misty was close to being terminal with a deadly virus that had all the doctors she saw, perplexed. After being in the hospital for months with zero recovery, the doctors had no choice really, but to have Misty admitted to a nursing home indefinitely. After many weeks in a place where everyone around her was on breathing tubes … she soon realized her fate. In an attempt to save her life for herself and her child… she sold everything she owned and moved from what she knew as `hell’, to the closest thing on earth she could call `heaven’… Misty needed a miracle. She had always wanted to raise her daughter away from the 'rat race' and Hawaii had always had a hold of her heart! The Big Island is and (has been) home for Misty and Emma for many, many years. She is happy to report a clean bill of health and amazing miracles do happen! Still changing one life at a time… "To have succeeded, is to have made one life breathe a little easier, because you were in it,” Emerson.



Original Interview by J.Pearson


"Thank you for your time in getting to know my story” Misty

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